Klatooinians are heavily built humanoids, roughly the height of the average human, descended from canine ancestors on the planet Klatooine. Renowned for their loyalty and devotion, Klatooinians have lived under contracted servitude to the Hutts for more than 25,000 years. First recruited to help defeat Xim the Despot, a galactic overlord vying for control with the Hutts, the Klatooinians signed a “temporary” pact of servitude that is still considered valid by both the Klatooinians and the Hutts today.

Understanding the Klatooinians’ fixation with time is essential in order to understand the deeper underpinnings of their culture. Most of their mythology revolves around all -powerful patron-beings known as the Ancients. Tenacity and perseverance are among their most prized cultural traits, and they particularly revere elders of any race. When the Hutts first approached the Klatooinians with a request for assistance against Xim, many on the planet Klatooine came to believe that the Hutts were the Ancients, and that signing a pact of servitude to them was tantamount to agreeing to serve the gods.

Brawn: 2 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 2 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 1 Presence: 2

Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn
• Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower
• Starting Experience: 100 XP
• Special Abilities: Klatooinians begin the game
with one rank in either Brawl or Ranged (Heavy) or
Ranged (Light) In addition, a Klatooinian starts the
game with one additional rank of one non-career
skill of his choice. He may not train any of these
skills above rank 2 during character creation.


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