Tag: Obligation


  • Trex

    Little is known of Trex's history or upbringing. It's assumed that he left his homeworld of Trandosha to hunt worthy prey like most of his kind. How he ended up an employee of Teemo the Hutt is a mystery. It's rumored that he owes the Hutt syndicate a …

  • Captain Herkin

    A hard headed human born and raised on Coruscant, Herkin is a no nonsense officer. While he is cunning, his reputation is far from spotless and is rumored to have many underworld connections.

  • Deidara

    Born into one of the five royal families that rule Ryloth. He is the youngest of three though was never considered a viable choice to succeed his father. Not as bright as his sister [[:arruna | Arruna]] nor as charming as his sister [[:kinsa | Kinsa …

  • Deeto

    Originally part of a terrorist cell on the Dug homeworld of Malastare he excelled at crafting all manner of deadly explosives. Few know the reasons for Deeto making his way to Tatooine or why he's working for the Hutt. Fewer still would be foolish …