Edge of the Empire

Episode One and a Half
Flashback on Ord Mantell


Kinsa raises an eyebrow at Lowhhrick and shouts over the blaring klaxons, “This is just like that time on Ord Mantell!”

(Cue wavy screen transition as they journey back in time…)

Years before their ‘service’ to Teemo, Kinsa and Lowhhrick found themselves on the junk heap known as the planet Ord Mantell. They met a woman in need of assistance, one Renci Tosh, who promised to pay them well if they could get her to her ship on the outskirts of town.

It quickly became obvious that some local goons were on her trail so they high tailed it out of town on a ‘borrowed’ speeder. On locating the crashed Y-wing they fought off salvagers and made a break for the adventurer’s ship back in town.

They manage to drop off Renci who pays them for their trouble and wishes them well. “Perhaps we’ll meet again some day,” she remarks. They haven’t seen her since.


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