Vibrosword (Double)

weapon (melee)

Skill: Melee
Damage: +4
Crit: 2
Range: Engaged
Encumbrance: 6
Hardpoints: 3
Cost: 1,600
Rarity: 6
Special: Cumbersome 5, Pierce 2
Sunder, Vicious 2


Loud and extremely challenging to use. the Mk. VIII is a heavy vibrosaw that can cut through the toughest undergrowth or fell the tallest trees. They are heavy, awkward brutes that. in the hands of the inexperienced or inattentive. can cause more damage to the user than to the surrounding flora.
Although not des1gned as such. the Mk. VIII can be used as a weapon in an emergency. The Mk. VIII requ1res two hands to use .

Vibrosword (Double)

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