Skill: Brawl
Damage: +1
Crit: 2
Range: Engaged
Encumbrance: 1
Hardpoints: 0
Cost: 350
Rarity: 4
Special: Pierce 1, Vicious 1


For those who like to let their fists do the talking, a set of vibroknucklers can ensure the last work. Worn like the more common brass knuckles, a small blade running the length of the the wearer’s knuckles vibrates at an ultrasonic rate when the user clenches his fist. Without changing his fighting style, a brawler equipped with vibroknucklers can easily inflict horrific and fatal wounds with simple punches.

Add one setback die to attempts to locate vibroknucklers concealed about an individual’s body. Vibroknucklers cannot deal strain damage.


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