Truth Serum


This substance is very rare and needs to be ingested or injected directly into the victim. Any attempts by recipient of the serum to speak untruthfully requires a Cool or Discipline check. The serum comes in various strength levels, which sets the difficulty of the check, this is further upgraded by the opponent’s Rank in either Presence or Willpower.

Weak Serum
Hard [] check
Price: 1,500 (Restricted)
Rarity: 7
Encumbrance: 0

Standard Serum
Daunting [] check
Price: 4,500 (Restricted)
Rarity: 7
Encumbrance: 0

Strong Serum
Formidable [] check
Price: 7,500 (Restricted)
Rarity: 8
Encumbrance: 0

Perfect Serum
Impossible [[/]] check
Price: 11,500 (Restricted)
Rarity: 11
Encumbrance: 0


(Triumph) on a successful check will enable the recipient to twist
the truth, but not outright lie.

Truth Serum

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