Styanax Lance


Skill: Ranged (Heavy)
Damage: 8
Crit: 3
Range: Short
Encumbrance: 8
Hardpoints: 2
Cost: 200
Rarity: 8
Special: Cumbersome 4, Limited Ammo 1, Pierce 3, Vicious 1


A large, vicious harpoon gun, the styanax lance has
been used by countless generations of stabmen to
hunt the ferocious sea serpents that haunt the stormy
Sea of Jarad on Tralus. Mounted at the bows of their
nagaks (the wide-hulled, oar-powered boats used by
the human and Selonian seafarers of Tralus), the styanax
lance is a meter-and-a-half long harpoon with a
sharp, barbed durasteel tip designed to penetrate the
armored scales and tough skin of the styanax. Thrown
by the strong arms of the stabmen, the lance is attached
to a stout flexisteel cable about two hundred
meters long, which the stabmen use to haul in their
prey. Rarely seen outside of Tralus, the styanax lance
is occasionally used by off-world big game hunters on
safari to bring down particularly large beasts, such as
giant gundarks or bull rancors.

Styanax Lance

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