Stealth/Sensor Masking Suite


This attachment consists of discrete sensor scrubbing transmitters, coating the ship in a sensor dampening material and adding heat sinks and blinders to the engines. Visual light transmittance remains unaffected and the vehicle can be identified from a visual inspection.

Basic Modification: The starship becomes harder to detect via sensors, increasing the difficulty of sensor scans by +dd, if flying at a Speed no greater than 2 and at a distance no closer than Short range.

Modification Options: 2 advanced sensor masking (upgrade sensor difficulty to detect once) Mods, 1 Increase sensor masking (add bb to sensor checks to detect starship) Mod, Improve masking (sensor masking can now be in effect up to speed 4) Mod.

Hard Point Cost: 2

Cost: $7,000 x silhouette®
Rarity: 7


Stealth/Sensor Masking Suite

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