Spukami Pocket Blaster Pistol


Skill: Ranged (Light)
Damage: 6
Crit: 3
Range: Short
Encumbrance: 1
Hardpoints: 1
Cost: 200
Rarity: 2
Special: Stun Setting


This unassuming pistol produced by Fed-Dub Protective
Services Inc. provides citizens of the double
worlds with a last-ditch punch for personal protection.
The Spukami is designed for close-quarters combat
only, and while it hits hard, it also loses accuracy
quickly at any kind of range.

When firing the Spukami at short range (or longer),
the weapon gains the Inaccurate 1 quality (it does not
gain this quality when fired at an engaged target). Add
one setback die to a character’s Perception check when
attempting to find a holdout pistol on a person’s body.

Spukami Pocket Blaster Pistol

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