Selonian Shard Shooter


Skill: Ranged (Heavy)
Damage: 5
Crit: 3
Range: Medium
Encumbrance: 4
Hardpoints: 2
Cost: 1,500
Rarity: 5
Special: Auto-fire, Pierce 1


A peculiar weapon, the Selonian shard shooter is a relatively
compact slugthrower that fires razor-sharp crystalline
ammunition. Instead of a chemical propellant,
the shard shooter uses a sophisticated electromagnetic
propulsion system to accelerate the shards down
its barrel at tremendous velocity. The weapon fires in
bursts, unleashing a storm of lethal shards at its target,
capable of penetrating modern armor and the shredding
flesh and bone beneath. Since this weapon is only
produced on Selonia, finding the shard ammunition
outside of the Corellian System is next to impossible.

Selonian Shard Shooter

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