HL-27 Light Blaster Pistol


Skill: Ranged (Light)
Damage: 5
Crit: 3
Range: Medium
Encumbrance: 1
Hardpoints: 2
Cost: 450
Rarity: 4
Special: Accurate 1, Stun Setting


The HL-27 is a sterling example of the superior craftsmanship
of weapons produced by Coronet Arms. Favored
by the well-heeled of Corellia and those who
wish to carry a first-rate blaster without necessarily
announcing that they are armed, the HL-27 is an excellent
choice for those who prefer discretion to bellicose
valor without sacrificing firepower. It is not uncommon
for CorSec agents who can afford them to
carry the HL-27 in preference to the standard CDEF
blaster pistol.

HL-27 Light Blaster Pistol

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