H-7 "Equalizer" Blaster Pistol


Skill: Ranged (Light)
Damage: 7
Crit: 2
Range: Medium
Encumbrance: 2
Hardpoints: 3
Cost: 1,250
Rarity: 8
Special: Stun Setting, Superior


Considered by many to be one of the finest production
model blasters in the galaxy, the H-7 “Equalizer”
possesses virtually unparalleled quality and precision.
Produced in limited numbers, the Equalizer is
extremely sought after in spite of its high price, and
buyers often have to wait months to obtain one. Highranking
officers in the CorSec and successful freetraders
carry H-7s as status symbols as well as due to
their impressive firepower and accuracy.

H-7 "Equalizer" Blaster Pistol

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