G9-GP Pulse Drill

weapon (melee)

Skill: Melee
Damage: 5
Crit: 4
Range: Engaged
Encumbrance: 5
Hardpoints: 2
Cost: 1,100
Rarity: 4
Special: Breach 1, Cumbersome 3,
Inaccurate 2


The G9-GP is a handheld. low-powered precision beamdrill designed for work in excavation and light duty mining. They appear as long. bulky rods with a tank at one end and a variable-angle plasma cutter at the other. The beam emitted is a rapidly pulsing plasma beam around a millimeter thick with an adjustable range that allows it to cut through relatively thick material. While they are primarily tools. their plasma beams make excellent improvised weapons in an emergency.

G9-GP Pulse Drill

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