weapon (ranged)

Skill: Ranged (Heavy)
Damage: 10
Crit: 3
Range: Extreme
Encumbrance: 6
Hardpoints: 3
Cost: 3,500
Rarity: 7 (Restricted)
Special: Accurate 1, Cumbersome 3, Pierce 2, Slow Firing 1


Developed from the venerable E-ll blaster rifle, Bias Tech’s E-lls was designed primarily as a dedicated marksman’s rifle for use by the Galactic Empire. A large, sleek, and deadly-looking weapon, the E-lls is nearly as long as a grown human is tall, with a shrouded barrel that makes up fully half of its length. Excellent balance and precision-fit components help compensate for this, however. The E-11 is quite easy to carry and shoot for a weapon of its size.


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