Droid Automated Firing System


A simple droid brain is installed in the ship and connected to the ships sensor and weapons systems. The Automated Droid rolls initiative just like a player, and may take a turn on its initiative to fire any or all of the weapons it controls as its one action. The Droid Automated Firing System is built in to the ship itself, as a result it may be chosen by an attacker who has scored a Major System Failure Critical as a system to be rendered inoperable, and the system goes off line if the ship loses power (such as being disabled by ion weapons).

Weapon systems under the control of the Droid Automated Firing System may still be used by another person, though the Droid Automated Firing System must be de‐activated. Activating or de‐activating the Droid is as simple as giving it a command.

Base Modifiers: A Specialized droid brain takes control of a single ships weapon system (fire‐linked weapons count as a single weapon system).

Modification Options: 1 additional weapon system control mod. 2, +1 rank in Vigilance mods. 2, +1 Rank in Gunnery mods.

Hard Points Required: 1
Encumbrance Required: 0
Price/Rarity: 13,000 Credits / 7


Droid Automated Firing System

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