This is not so much an attachment as a remodeling of the melee weapon. With a flick of the wrist, the small metal box, cube, or cylinder unfolds into a full sized vibrosword, vibroknife, vibro-axe, stun baton or similar. This attachment requires a successful Hard [ddd] Mechanics check to apply.

Basic Modification: The weapon’s Encumbrance when collapsed is decreased by 1 to a minimum of 0. When unfolded, Encumbrance is as per usual. Attempts at hiding the weapon receives b. Unfolding the weapon is an Incidental.

Modification Options: Decrease Encumbrance (-1; minimum 0) Mod, Weapon Quality (Shielded) Mod.

Hard Points Cost: Encumbrance of weapon -1, to a minimum of 0. Cost: Twice weapon cost, in addition to the base cost of purchasing the weapon

Rarity: 5



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