Blast Knuckles


Skill: Brawl
Damage: +4
Crit: 4
Range: Engaged
Encumbrance: 2
Hardpoints: 0
Cost: 500
Rarity: 6 (Restricted)
Special: Inaccurate 1


This unusual weapon consists of a heavy, armored glove incorporating what amounts to a light blaster pistol on the back of t he wearer’s hand. Impact-sensitive plating across the knuckles fires the blaster when the wearer lands a punch, delivering a devastating blast. While these weapons are undeniably effective, they are also dangerous for the wielder. Despite the fact that the impact-plating supposedly also shields the user, only the very brave or very reckless embrace the idea of a blaster impact just scant centimeters from their fingers. Even the toughest fighters can only withstand repeated blaster impacts on their knuckles for so long.

When using blast knuckles, every successful hit inflicts 1 strain on the wielder (in addition to any strain suffered due to check results). Blast knuckles can not deal damage to a target’s strain threshold.

Blast Knuckles

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