Trandoshan Bounty Hunter


After having his arm severed and his ship stolen by a ragtag group of scoundrels, Trex is presumed to be healing and nursing a deep hatred for his assailants. Not only has this caused him serious bodily harm but also cost him dearly.
Like most Trandoshans, the loss of a quarry forfeits all of their life long accumulation of ‘points’ earned by overcoming powerful enemies. This is an integral part of Trandoshan society and self worth and can only be reclaimed by killing those responsible.

Status: Unknown
Location: Unknown


Little is known of Trex’s history or upbringing. It’s assumed that he left his homeworld of Trandosha to hunt worthy prey like most of his kind. How he ended up an employee of Teemo the Hutt is a mystery. It’s rumored that he owes the Hutt syndicate a large sum of credits and quite a few favors.


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