Teemo the Hutt

Male Hutt Crime Lord


Even though his is a mid level gangster among the Hutt crime syndicate Teemo is not one to cross. Preferring to murder both rivals and allies who displease him, he doesn’t forgive and never forgets.

His palace is located in Mos Shuuta, a small spaceport which he exercises complete control over. A large garrison of Gamorreans and other unsavory beings are stationed outside the palace and patrol the city.

He increased a bounty on a group of his former employees to 50,000c – dead or alive. It’s rumored that this may have gained the attention of some of the deadliest bounty hunters in the Outer Rim.

As some strong evidence found it’s way to Jabba the Hutt about Teemo’s underhanded dealings he hasn’t been seen recently. It is assumed that he’s been silenced, probably for good.



Teemo the Hutt

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