Human Smuggler


It’s been a hard run for the smuggler, con-man, and rogue known only as Pash. First he was ejected from Imperial flight school for “insubordination” (which is apparently a fancy word for “stealing a shuttle for a quick flight around the planet when bored one day”). Then his favorite speeder-bike was impounded when he fell behind on his debt payments. Then Pash was arrested for grifting on the streets of Aldera, on the planet of Alderaan. Then he was transported for hard labor in the spice mines of Kessel, which was apparently some Alderaani noble’s way of gettign at Pash for something involving the noble’s daughter. Then the transport carrying him to Kessel was attacked by pirates and Pash was press-ganged into service. Then the pirates were defeated by an Imperial frigate and Pash was arrested for piracy. Then Pash was set free by an Imperial officer named Herkin, who explained that Pash now owed him a huge favor, and by the way Pash was now going to fly starships for a gentlebeing named Teemo the Hutt.

Recently, Pash has been flying cargoes for Teemo in and out of the tiny town of Mos Shuuta on Tatooine. In some ways it’s been the most boring and peaceful eight weeks of Pash’s life. In other ways, he keeps getting shot at by pirates and customs officials and having to do risky landings in the remote, dangerous places, so its terrifying at the same time. On his most recent mission ,Pash’s ship, a rusty on Ghtroc 720 light freighter named Ao Var, was damaged beyond repair and sold off for parts when he finally returned to Mos Shuuta. Teemo the Hutt was not happy. Since the Ao Var was technically the Hutt’s property. Pash decided it was probably time to leave the Hutt’s service.

Despite his long life of misfortune, Pash thinks of himself as lucky – and perhaps he is. Pash has a knack for coming through disaster unscathed. He’s a really excellent pilot and pretty good at a lot of other things, and has the easy-going nature of one to whom things come easily.



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