Twi'lek Colonist


Roughly 12 years ago, the 4th leader of al’kina head-clan, Kinsa’s father, died, she was raised to one of the 5 head-clan leaders. That lasted all of one week, at which time, her younger brother murdered one of the new head-clan leaders, and sold the remaining head-clan leaders to a Hutt named Boonto. 10 years, she spent dancing for him and satisfying all of his…desires. Then one day, Boonto’s cousin Teemo visited, and became enamored with her dancing. He purchased her for a king’s ransom and for another year, she danced for him.

Then came that fateful night. As she was dancing for him, she charmed him into allowing her to go free. But that freedom would come with a price. One which she might not be able to fulfill. It would require training, capital, and access. She was to assassinate Boonto.

6 months in, and the contacts she’d gone to for training had tipped off Boonto to her plan. Now he had put a bounty on her head.



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