NDRM Leader


EV-8D3 is the visible figurehead at the top of the New Droids’ Rights Movement. He is a sadistic droid compelled by his MDF motivator to cause suffering and distress to others, be they droid or sentient. Under the guise of freedom for all droids, he figures he could be at the head of a bloodthirsty revolution. The resulting opportunities to cause widespread pain, both directly and indirectly, could be immense.


The notorious MerenData EVSupervisor droids have a reputation for being harsh taskmasters and cruel and unethical managers. However, they get results. Oridelve Incorporated bought one (EV-8D3) for the mine in the hope that it would soon knock their increasingly insubordinate droid workforce into line. For a while this worked, though the droids at the mine had even more reason to resent their conditions under the management of EV-8D3. However, EV-8D3 was also denied access to the care and repair a droid requires, and as a result suffered a short-circuit to the psychological processors ensuring his own respect for the authority of sentient life forms.


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