Twi'lek Technician


Arruna is the younger twin sister of Kinsa. Their sale into slavery was not without some shock and both instantly wanted to get out of the life they had been thrown into. Appeasing Hutts were never her skills and she charmed Teemo’s chief mechanic Deeto into teaching her some skills that were more useful than dancing.

She finally got her big break, swoop bike repair. A bike came into the shop and Deeto gave her a part to replace the broken part of the bike. She did her job and Deeto trusted her work. The day of the bike race came and on the second lap the bike exploded. Deeto in the aftermath worked to see what caused the problem. It turned out that the the part that exploded was the one that Arruna replaced. Teemo and Deeto both put the eye on her and she began to dance more, and use her mechanic skills less. Deeto constantly watched over her and the guilt of causing the death of the swoop racer was only adding to the guilt.

One day Arruna overheard Deeto talking to another one of the shop mechanics. It seemed that Deeto had sabotaged the piece so that he could kill the bike driver who his wife had been sleeping with. Deeto said that he placed the blame on Arruna so that Teemo would never expect him, I mean who would believe a slave dancer.

Arruna knew he was right, but how to prove the truth…



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